Salamis Ancient City in the historical city Famagusta with a history of thousands of years Cyprus is a city that stands out with its historical sightseeing spots.

Here, Salamis Ancient City is a place that deserves to be considered with its ancient history. There are valuable and inspiring details in the ancient city. Not only those who love history, but also those who want to discover new places, should definitely go here. We can say that it has the oldest historical sightseeing point among the ancient cities.

Ancient cities that offer unheard of information about old lives are like reading a civilization’s book. Every detail, from the smallest stone to the largest artifact, can provide information. For this reason, ancient cities are of great importance in archaeological research. Finds obtained in excavations here can provide different and valuable information for human history. Turkey can also be seen in the ancient city opened the door the same way in a different world. We can say that Salamis Ancient City is one of the ancient cities that has inspired many art concepts. This city in Cyprus is located on the Pedios river, which originates from the Troodos mountain. That’s why the view is so beautiful.

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