Whether you want to lose weight or detox, relax or be pampered, then there’s no better place to be than a spa. In recent years, spas have grown in popularity as more of us are putting health and well-being high on the list of our everyday priorities. In addition to exercise, we are looking for new ways to improve our general health and the spa experience offers a whole range of treatments and facilities which will help us to reach our goals and relax our bodies and minds. But just why are spa holidays so popular and what can we expect from a spa experience today?

Spas have gained popularity, as people understand that preventive health care is the one thing that we can take control of. We should make it our own responsibility to take care of our health, and this is very important especially in times of anxiety and stress where people suffer with lack of sleep and poor diet. When we can escape to a destination spa or have a short healthy break away to relax and exercise, we can look at how to develop a positive mind set, through a variety of spa and wellness programmes.

So what are the benefits of a spa experience today? You can review your current diet, learn healthy eating through sampling well-balanced meals, exercising, relaxing and socialising with like-minded people with similar goals. It allows us to return healthier, energetic, inspired and informed to make the small changes that manifest themselves into a healthier day to day lifestyle when we are back home. Some spa destinations offer follow up consultations after your visit so as to gradually help to achieve a better lifestyle. Even further, a spa experience is different in every continent, so whether you are looking for an Ayurveda holiday in Asia, a Balinese massage in the Caribbean or a grounding salt rub in Africa, your heart’s desire is met at a luxury destination. Tailored programmes are also becoming more popular so clients can focus on having treatments for areas of concern.

There are many other benefits in spoiling yourself with a spa experience. Engage in daily yoga and Pilates classes or enjoy the fresh air outdoors whilst participating in sport excursions. In addition to exercise, one can learn how to create nutritional healthy meals and cook their way to a better life, with professional chefs guiding you along the way and tantalizing your taste buds. Studies have shown a direct link between stress and a bad diet, which in the long run, can cause further health problems.